No. 13, October 2013     

We went to the front lines of Sea Level Rise in Micronesia by visiting the remote atolls of Pingelap, Mokil, Sapwuafik, Ta, Ulithi, and Fais. We saw 50' of shoreline washed away, drinking water shortages, and half to 80% of taro fields being permanently destroyed by the ocean.  

Most Islanders have no place to go and daily survival is a challenge. LYON is committed to Improving Island Life on these atolls and we hope you find the video interesting.
PS: We wrote our third book!
Jim Lyon, PE, LEED AP 
Sea Level Rise Map
New Face  
We are honored to welcome aboard Tom Fujimoto as our new Director of Construction Services.  With over 35 years of experience in Federal, State, City & County, and private projects Tom provides senior management on projects ranging from wastewater treatment plants, airports, roads, and numerous other types of projects.  Tom served in the Air Force for 20 years and worked around the world as a Major. 
Happy Halloween!