March 2013

"Water is the driving force of all nature."
- Leonardo da Vinci

Water is Man's Greatest Resource. Imagine living on an atoll, where the next island is 6 hours away by plane, boat, or canoe and you no longer have fresh drinking water. On the island of Majuro, Republic of Marshall Islands, 28,000 inhabitants deal with frequent drought conditions living on an atoll where the highest elevation is 10 feet. Conversely, Kaua`i has 67,000 people living with the highest elevation at 5,000 feet, with a huge aquifer system and considered the wettest island on the planet.

Kaua'i Majuro Comments
Residents 67,000 28,000 Kaua'I is 2.4 times MORE POPULATED
Square Miles 552 3.75 Kaua'I is 147 times LARGER
Residents/Sq. Mi. 121 7,467 Majuro is 62 times MORE CROWDED

Drinking water comes from piping it out of the ground or treating stream water. LYON H2O is focused on water in islands and desert conditions.

Kabul, Afghanistan is the 5th fastest growing city on the planet currently with 3.3M residents and LYON H2O is working with the World Bank to improve their water and sewer system.

LYON has the privilege of designing together with Geolabs the horizontal features in a exciting and new mixed use 115-unit residential community in Kapolei, Oahu, for D.R. Horton Schuler Division. Groundbreaking photo below with additional information.
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Jim Lyon, PE, LEED AP
Pacific Island Map


On Kaua'i, also known as the "Garden Isle", has one of the wettest spots on the planet (Mount Waialeale) which averages 488 inches of rain per year. Many land owners still rely on and use the 100-year old agriculture water ditch and reservoir system. LYON is working on numerous dams to assure communities to be in harmony with water.
The largest open area of land in the atoll, the airport, is used as the main water catchment and source of fresh water for the capital's 28,000 residents. In addition, most buildings incorporate rainwater catchment. But rationing typically occurs, especially in times of drought which happens to be occurring right now. LYON is working on creative solutions to provide freshwater to the residents with collection and distribution.
Awakea, Mehana Ground Breaking

Awakea, which means "midday sun" in the Hawaiian language, will consist of 115 two- and threebedroom condominium town homes priced from the high $300,000s. One of the floor plans is a "Flex Home," which offers a bonus room to use as a business space or for extended family, a common practice for local families. Full build-out will combine commercial, retail and office spaces, a public school, public park, community center and housing areas all within walking distance of each other.