Issue No. 8, June 2013

O'ahu has 1.5M more visitors and 370K more residents today than in 1970.
  • Sewer volumes have increased substantially.
  • $5B is being invested to upgrade collection and treatment systems.
  • 2/3 of our water meter bill goes to sewer funds.
Construction will cause significant traffic congestion.
  • Collection systems are underground pipes that will be replaced.
  • Waikiki and urban Honolulu generate 2/3 of all sewage on O'ahu.
  • Sand Island Treatment Plant treats this and upgrading from Primary to Secondary
Treating sewage on Islands can be challenging.
  • Limited water supply.
  • Rain and seawater infiltrating and overwhelming the system.
  • LYON is providing customized solutions on each Island we serve.

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Jim Lyon, PE, LEED AP
Collection SystemTreatment  
Customized Island Solutions
LYON partners with POSCO Plantec  
jim jim POSCO Plantec is a $1B environmental firm in Korea that focuses on converting sewage sludge into energy. Dr. Bae has numerous patents in this field and LYON is honored to team with this prestigious group.
LYON finishes Cocos Swim Race!  
jim Pacific Area Manager, Ron Gonzales, completed the 2.5 mile swim to Cocos Island from Guam,in
69 minutes; 3rd place in his Guam age group. Congratulations Ron!