Issue No. 10, July 2013


Imagine looking out the airport window upon approach and seeing an atoll as wide as the runway you are about to land on as shown in the Majuro photo below. Now visualize landing in a rough storm as the next airport is 90 minutes away and fuel is low, which is exactly what happened last week. Such is the way of life traveling in the Pacific and a matter of common practice for the staff at LYON.
Decades ago when engineers were looking at airport runway locations, the reefs were the logical choice due to a)  reduced land claims by citizens, b) ability to reclaim reef with fill for ease of construction, and c) clear approaches for planes to land. It never occurred to anyone at the time that the sea level could rise one day, as scientists are now projecting, within the "hot zone" denoted in red. This zone is where LYON does much of our work. For the Islands of Palau, Guam, and Yap, locating runways on mountains turned out decades later to be a brilliant move.
LYON currently has active airport projects on a dozen islands, and we have learned a lot about smaller airports, such as those with 5 flights a week or less that serve as critical linchpins in connecting the peoples of Micronesia and the Pacific.


Jim Lyon, PE, LEED AP

Customized Island Airport Solutions

The Man Who Hates Land
Alex Tretnoff is the brilliant mechanic and pilot running FSM's CIA - Caroline  Islands Air and lands daily on crazy short runways like Sapwuahfik. On the weekends he wins fishing tournaments throughout the Pacific.
National Guard Training  
Randall Duldulao recently spent two weeks in training as a Platoon Leader assigned 24 combat engineers with light weaponry capabilities. The primary mission is a "Quick Reaction Force" to provide Search and Extraction capabilities at times of natural disasters for the Pacific. 
University of the Pacific Scholarship Winner  
LYON is proud to announce of the first recipient of the Dr. Gary "Dude who changed my life" Martin Scholarship Fund, Kimi Acoba, who is heading off to UOP in Stockton, California.