February 2013


Islands are very important: a) control of the seas, b) minerals and oil rights, and c) fishing.

Recently, China has challenged control of numerous islands in Japan, Vietnam, and Philippines.

President Obama, the first Pacific President, recently visited Thailand, Myanmar, & Cambodia and Hawaii - his birthplace - is poised to play a pivotal presence in the Pacific. The US has 100,000 troops spread over Pacific Islands: Hawaii, Guam - known as the "Tip of the Spear", Okinawa and Japan and has a century of experience working with each unique island culture.

Our two featured islands this month, Guam & Palau, are both - like Hawaii - booming with record tourist numbers. As you can see below, in comparison to the 5.5 hours it takes to fly from Hawaii to LA, flights from Guam and Palau can reach Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Manila is less than 4 hours. Guam and Palau are just at the beginning of a huge tourism boom.

Oahu, Hawaii, is our home island and on many of the Pacific Islands we use the City & County of Honolulu Engineering Standards as a foundation. With 1M residents and 4.5M annual tourists, Oahu absorbs a heavy burden on infrastructure and a model for Improving Island Life throughout the Pacific.

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Jim Lyon, PE, LEED AP
Pacific Island Map

  • Guam

    Found nowhere else, the Latte Stone are the pillars of ancient Chamorro structures. The column (haligi) and capstone (tasa) were made from coral.

    Guam has a population of 186,000 and 5,000 US troops and is the only US soil that has ever been occupied by foreign enemies.

    Guam welcomed 1.3M visitors in 2012 and LYON is working on several projects Improving Island Life learning and respecting their culture.

  • Palau

    The Rainbows End, Republic of Palau, was the Inspiration of James Cameron's blockbuster AVATAR. Azure seas, lush tropical forests, luminescent plants and strange flying creatures, strange and beautiful flowers and a proud people to their land.

    The country of Palau has 21,000 residents andexp erienced 100,000 visitors in 2012. LYON is working on several projects there Improving Island Life learning while respecting their local culture. Rock Islands is an incredible experience and we are blessed to have clients in such a beautiful place.

Grinds & Drinks & Year of the Snake Chinese New Year Greetings!

On a recent trip to Hanoi, Vietnam I was invited to share local delicacies of snake and rooster!

Live Cobra

Dead Cobra
(later grilled)

Cobra Blood Shots!
(Drink up!)

Cobra Heart
(still beating
after 5 minutes!)

Deep Fried Rooster Head!