No. 15, January 2014     

Our third video on Sea Level Rise due to Climate Change is about the 60,000 residents of the Republic of Marshall Islands spread across 24 atolls; all at elevation 10 feet above sea level.
The critical issues covered in the videos are: a) land erosion, b) freshwater, c) food security, d) migration. 
Migration to the main island, Majuro, is causing dramatic over population and a myriad of challenges for the government.  The freshwater, food security, infrastructure, health, education, and social systems are being overwhelmed.
As the sea level rises, tens of thousands of Islanders will have to move to higher ground and this will affect Hawai`i in ways never imagined.  Climate change will affect all of us.
Jim Lyon, PE, LEED AP 

Climate Change Planners
  • Kayla Yost & Julia Street are both Climate Change Planners working hard to find solutions for our Island Clients.   
  • Their Masters in Environmental Science has been put  to the test in matching up resources to the needs.
  • Plus they are busy working on our next video "Shrinking O'ahu"!
Do you know your Islands?   
A. Tutuila,
        American Samoa
B. Pohnpei,
        Federated States of Micronesia
C. Kauai,
D. Babeldaob,
E. Majuro,
       Republic of the Marshall Islands

Answer: ( , 4, B) ( , 3, D) ( , 5, A ) ( , 2, E) ( , 1, C)